This website is intended to provide general information and does not provide all the required specific information to properly select/size a blower heater or vent fan model. There are many variables to consider when selecting/sizing a blower heater or vent fan model and we do suggest you contact us directly to ensure you get the right product for your application.

Dexon electric blower heaters provide positive pressure safety ventilation to pumping station wet wells, dry wells, buildings, vaults and chambers for the safety of the operator and to provide a dryer, less corrosive environment for equipment. They will maintain an adjustable preset discharge temperature and an adjustable preset speed when in auto mode and full fan speed in manual mode.

IMPORTANT: Dexon Blower Heaters are NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE HEATING but to temper the incoming air to mitigate the risk of freezing the ventilated space.

All Dexon blower heaters are CSA Certified and designed to meet the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code.

They are available in 1 or 3 phase and 120/208, 120/240, 120/480 or 120/600 voltages.

Please Note: These units are designed to be run continuously; failure to do so may void warranty. Dexon will not be liable for any personal injuries, equipment or property damage caused by inappropriate installation or operation.

CSA Certification

All blower heaters are CSA Certified for Ordinary Locations & for Class 1, Division 2, Gas Groups C & D Locations. Outdoor freestanding units are certified for Enclosure Type 3R.

CSA Certification for Ordinary Locations is identified by a”-1″ at the end of the model number. If a “-1” is not present the unit will be CSA Certified for Class 1, Division 2 Locations.


SMDH5-1: This unit is rated for ordinary locations

SMDH5: This unit is rated for Class 1, Division 2 Locations

Freestanding, Surface or Flanged Pipe Mounted Units with 360 Degree Louver Section. CSA Enclosure Type 3R
Additional Air Pressure Available with MDH-HC Model

Indoor Inline or Wall Mounted with Top or Side Inlet Collar & Hood
Additional Air Pressure Available with MDHIL-HC Model

Freestanding or Flanged Pipe Mounted units with Louvers on One Side Only. CSA Enclosure Type 3R

Indoor Wall Mount with Seperate Outdoor Louver Section.

Indoor Inline or Wall Mounted with Inlet Collar for Ducting & no Louvers.

Outdoor Wall Mounted with Louver Section on Hinged Lockable Door. CSA Enclosure Type 3R