MDVIL Series Vent Fan


MDVIL vent fans are suitable for indoor inline or wall mounting applications with either a 4” (100mm) or 6” (150mm) air inlet collar; either on the side or the top and either a 4” (100mm) or 6” (150mm) diameter bottom discharge outlet. Wall mounting brackets provided. Please note Dexon does not provide a rigid mounting flange.

Dexon vent fans are intended to provide continuous positive pressure
ventilation in climates NOT REQUIRING
of the supply air.

This equipment is suitable for use in Class 1, Division 2, Groups C and D, Temp Code
T4 or Non-Hazardous Locations, General Enclosure.

Vent Fan Specifications

  • 120VAC, 50WATT max input to Power Supply/Speed Control.
  •  7-24VDC, 26WATT max output from Power Supply/Speed Control to fan.
  • CFM – 240 to 280 @ 0”SP.
  • Dimensions 750mmH x 300mmSQ.
  • Inline or wall mounted with top or side air inlet collar and can be either four or six inch diameter.
  • Wall mounting brackets provided.
  • Four inch (100mm) or six inch (150mm) diameter flat bottom discharge outlet with discharge pipe adapter plate, c/w gasket.

Vent Fan Features

  • Onboard adjustable ranges for both Low/Idle and High/Full speeds.
  • Provisions for Optional Low Temperature Shut Down (thermostat by others).
  • Double Pole Single Throw Switch; one pole for the high or low speed control, the other pole for the Optional Low Temperature Shut Down Override.
  • Blower Boost Start.

Vent Fan Requirements

  • Power Supply/Speed Controller must be installed in appropriate enclosure remote from hazardous locations.
  • Class 1, Division 2 rated units must be fused remote in a Non-Hazardous Location.
  • Vent Fans must run continuously.

Please refer to owner’s manual for more