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The MDV SERIES Vent Fan is designed to run continuous to provide positive pressure safety ventilation where heated air is not required, at a preset adjustable idle speed to ensure ventilation is available when required, by preventing freeze up and corrosive damage to the fan.  The operator is then able to flush ventilate prior to entering a confined space. Provisions for a Low Temp shut down feature is provided for an optional thermostat interface. The Low Temp shut down will occur when the temperature drops below the normal operating range as set on site.  When the temperature increases the fan will go from shut down to boost start, which provides full voltage to the fan to ensure start up. The preset idle speed is then maintained until manually switched to high speed with a toggle switch, which also overrides any low temp condition.


Power Supply/Speed Control, designed and manufactured by Dexon, provides the following features:

  • A 24 volt DC blower up to 240 CFM @ 0 in Static Pressure Water Column
  • On board adjustments to adjust the preset idle and preset high speed
  • Provisions for optional Low Temp Shut Down. Thermostat (supplied by others) for low temp shut down must be approved for location or be mounted in a non hazardous area and must be dry contact type
  • Provisions for remote speed control
  • A double pole single throw switch. One pole for the Hi or Low Speed Control, and the other pole for the optional Low Temp Shut Down override
  • A boost start to ensure fan start up


  • 120 Volt, 60 Hz input to Power Supply/Speed Control
  • 24 Volt DC output from power supply to fan
  • 37.5 VA Maximum
  • Class 1, Div.2, Location units must be fused remote in a non-hazardous location
  • Ordinary location fused internally


  • Typical discharge is a 6 inch diameter flat bottom with gasket supplied
  • Pipe adapter or Flanged down pipe supplied by others
  • Dimensions 750mmH x 300mmSQ
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